Brandon Accommodation

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Colonial Inn

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-8532
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Comfort Inn

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-6232
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Keystone Motor Inn

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-6620
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Redwood Motor Inn

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-2200
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Barney's Motel

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-725-1540
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Beaubier Hotel

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-2461
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Brandon Inn

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-3231
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Crystal Hotel

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-1232
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Lakeview Inn & Suites

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-1880
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Mid Way Motel

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-725-1560
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Young Women's Christian Assn

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-5014
Company profile for Young Women's Christian Assn

Chalet Little The

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-725-1574
Company profile for Chalet Little The

City Centre Hotel

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-5434
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Meadowlark Campground

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-7205
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Rodeway Inn Motel

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-7230
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Western Motel Ltd

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-5761
Company profile for Western Motel Ltd

Casa Maley Bed & Breakfast

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-0812
Company profile for Casa Maley Bed & Breakfast

Domo Gas Bar

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-725-1550
Company profile for Domo Gas Bar

Highland Park Motor Lodge

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-725-1501
Company profile for Highland Park Motor Lodge

White House

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-726-4280
Company profile for White House

Industries in the Accommodation subsector provide lodging or short-term accommodations for travelers, vacationers, and others. There is a wide range of establishments in these industries. Some provide lodging only; while others provide meals, laundry services, and recreational facilities, as well as lodging. Lodging establishments are classified in this subsector even if the provision of complementary services generates more revenue. The types of complementary services provided vary from establishment to establishment. The subsector is organized into three industry groups: (1) traveler accommodation, (2) recreational accommodation, and (3) rooming and boarding houses. The Traveler Accommodation industry group includes establishments that primarily provide traditional types of lodging services. This group includes hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast inns. In addition to lodging, these establishments may provide a range of other services to their guests. The RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and Recreational Camps industry group includes establishments that operate lodging facilities primarily designed to accommodate outdoor enthusiasts. Included are travel trailer campsites, recreational vehicle parks, and outdoor adventure retreats. The Rooming and Boarding Houses industry group includes establishments providing temporary or longer-term accommodations, which for the period of occupancy, may serve as a principal residence. Board (i.e., meals) may be provided but is not essential. Establishments that manage short-stay accommodation establishments (e.g., hotels and motels) on a contractual basis are classified in this subsector if they both manage the operation and provide the operating staff. Such establishments are classified based on the type of facility managed and operated.