Brandon Apparel Manufacturing

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Stitchers Brew Embroidery Designs

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: (204) 725-2010

Custom embroidery digitizing. With 17 years of experience. I know how to make a design work. I charge for time rather then stitch count. My prices are lower then most. contact me at ...
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North Shore Outfitters

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-7999
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Northern Relfections

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-729-9937
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Mansfield's Western Shop Ltd

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-2859
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Seals Action Gear

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-3257
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A Stitch In Time

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-726-9757
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Ann's Seamstress & Tailoring

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-725-4268
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Blue Moose Clothing Co. Ltd.

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-2010
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Country Costumes

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-726-9148
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Cresting Unlimited

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-727-4091
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Merlyn Mending

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-728-4917
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Trebor Wig & Hair Replacement

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-724-7344
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Ultimate Centre

Brandon, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-726-8444
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Industries in the Apparel Manufacturing subsector group establishments with two distinct manufacturing processes: (1) cut and sew (i.e., purchasing fabric and cutting and sewing to make a garment), and (2) the manufacture of garments in establishments that first knit fabric and then cut and sew the fabric into a garment. The Apparel Manufacturing subsector includes a diverse range of establishments manufacturing full lines of ready-to-wear apparel and custom apparel: apparel contractors, performing cutting or sewing operations on materials owned by others; jobbers performing entrepreneurial functions involved in apparel manufacture; and tailors, manufacturing custom garments for individual clients are all included. Knitting, when done alone, is classified in the Textile Mills subsector, but when knitting is combined with the production of complete garments, the activity is classified in Apparel Manufacturing.